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Is Slack HIPAA Compliant?

Slack is a useful tool that can make it much easier to communicate and collaborate, but is Slack HIPAA compliant? Would it be against HIPAA regulations for healthcare entities to send protected health information (PHI) […]


HIPAA Compliance and eFileCabinet

As a document management and storage service for businesses, eFileCabinet  provide on-site and cloud storage. However, is the service appropriate for the healthcare sector? Does eFileCabinet adhere with HIPAA rules or will using it lead to […]

HIPAA Advice

Sharepoint and HIPAA Compliance

A web-based document management and storage system, SharePoint is one of the most popular leading collaborative services available, used by 78% of Fortune 500 firms. The service relies on Microsoft’s OpenXML document standard and therefore […]


HIPAA Compliance and Yammer

Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking platform used for private communication and collaboration within organizations since 2008. After a bedding in period Microsoft purchased the company in 2012. It has grown in popularity since […]

HIPAA Advice

WebEx and HIPAA Compliance

A web and video conferencing and collaboration platform, WebEx allows businesses connect with remote workers and partners as if they are working on site. Using utilities like WebEx, healthcare groups can interact quickly and easily […]

HIPAA Updates

HIPAA Breach at Briggs and Stratton Reported

A HIPAA Breach has been reported at lawnmower engine manufacturer Briggs Stratton which may have affected 12,789 of its employees and potentially resulted in the exposure of names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, […]

HIPAA Updates

U.S. House of Representatives Approves Internet of Medical Things Resilience Partnership Act

The U.S. House of Representatives has paased the Internet of Medical Things Resilience Partnership Act, aiming to put in place a public-private stakeholder partnership. This partnership will be charged with developing a cybersecurity framework that can […]


Dark OverLord Group Attacked SMART Physical Therapy

Hacking group TheDarkOverlord, after an apparent period of inactivity,  has claimed responsibility for another successful attack on a U.S. healthcare supplier. This time the victim was Mass-based SMART Physical Therapy (SMART PT). The announcement of […]