Car Dealers Wary of Sending Reminders to Clients in UK: Marketing Delivery

UK-based eCRM group Marketing Delivery have revealed that, following some research conduct by the company, some dealers have been seen to be “overly conservative” about their communications with customers since the European Union General Data Protection Legislation became active on May 25 2018.

Managing director Jeremy Evans made to comment as he revealed that the research indicated that 60% of motorists are more likely to book their MOT or service with a dealer that offers timely reminders of due dates. Almost one in five motorists (18.1%) claimed to having forgotten to renew their car’s MOT due date.

Mr Evans said: “Timely and proactive communication from dealers is still a highly valuable tool for aftersales teams in particular.

“The roll-out of GDPR has made some dealers overly conservative about their customer communications, but this survey shows that targeted and automated contact from dealers is of benefit to both customers and the business alike.”

The survey was carried out across the UK and asked motorists whether they would be more likely to give aftersales business to a dealer that sent them reminders them of due dates for different tests, etc. Overall, 60.7% of motorists question admitted that they agreed with the statement, and 25% ‘strongly agreed’.

There are noticeable differences in how consumers like to be contacted by a dealer when it comes to issuing reminders. Most of those surveyed said that they preferred being contacts between three weeks and one month in advance of the due date, as identified by 54.4% of motorists.  After this, most preferred window for contact to be made between one and two weeks before (29.3%), followed by between five and six weeks beforehand (11.4%).

It was revealed in a a survey by Paragon Bank of 40 UK motor finance brokers earlier in 2017 that 97% had a plan in place to ensure their business was compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).