GDPR Compliance for Entire Product Line Announced by Nomadix

Nomadix Inc., a provider of gateways for wired and wireless connectivity solutions for public access networks and enterprises has revealed that its complete range of products is now adhering with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This announcement incorporates:

  • Gateway products
  • Alloc8 deep packet inspection appliances
  • All services associated with existing products

This announcement comes following GDPR replacing the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive on May 25, 2018. The new European UNion legislation unifies the data protection rules across Europe and enhances the rights of EU citizens by emphasizing transparency, fairness and accountability. GDPR compliance now must be considered by all businesses, regardless of  where they are located, that operate with the EU or residents of the EU.

 Nomadix President Fred Reeder said: “Nomadix takes data protection and privacy very seriously. As such, we continuously update our products to ensure the protection of personal data. With the announcement that all our products and services are GDPR-compliant, our partners and customers have the added assurance that Nomadix products are secure and meet the data protection regulatory requirements that preserve the rights of EU citizens, thus giving our partners an added way to get their businesses compliant.”

A major facet of Nomadix’s compliance with GDPR concerns around data for both customers and subscribers. All customer data is kept on secure systems managed by Nomadix or its service vendors. Nomadix has addressed the collection of personal data – and the company does not send marketing materials to people who have shared business cards with Nomadix staff members. For subscribers, Nomadix does not send any subscriber information to its servers without prior written permission. Nomadix also now requires an extra GDPR agreement from its system integrators and customers before it can provide any support data that might contain subscribers’ personal data.

Reeder finished by saying: “The penalties for those who fail to comply with GDPR are significant. Fines can be €20M or 4 percent of revenue, whichever is greater. Our customers and partners can rest assured that Nomadix is and always will be committed to making data security a top priority, and that we will comply with mandatory privacy laws worldwide, including GDPR.”