GlobalData Report Says that North Americans are Least Informed on Pharma GDPR

A report from digital media company GlobalData published in July 2018, indicates that only 54% of North Americans in the global pharmaceuticals industry believe they are informed about the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation. This is in contrast to the 84% figure for Europeans – and 67% for those in the Asia-Pacific region – working in the same sector.

The press release issued by GlobalData along with the publication of the report said that those living in North American are the least likely to say that they feel informed about the requirements of GDPR. The report questioned employees from industry sectors who were asked about changes to their business practice due to GDPR, as well as their feelings in relation to the legislation. From the results of the questions GlobalData reviewed those given by employees from the pharmaceuticals industry. The aim of the study was to gain a better understanding of the factors which affect the healthcare sector and determine obstacles to GDPR compliance.

Thomas Moore, senior pharma analyst at GlobalData said “These results suggest that those in the U[nited] S[tates] pharmaceuticals industry may be less prepared than in other regions when it comes to adopting the new business practices needed to meet requirements set out by the GDPR. This observation could be due to GDPR having arguably less of a direct impact on companies operating in North America than those in other global regions, which are often more dependent on EU business operations.”

“GDPR was a piece of legislation brought into effect by the EU on May 25, 2018, which aims to provide EU citizens with greater rights and control regarding the processing and distribution of their personal data. Due to the complexity of the regulations, it is essential that businesses stay highly informed should they wish to continue operating within EU member states. GlobalData’s report aims to provide insight on how companies in the healthcare industry have responded to GDPR globally.”

You can read the full report here: GDPR in the Healthcare Industry