Healthcare staff need to understand HIPAA.

Healthcare staff need practical advice about HIPAA rules for accessing and updating patient records.

Healthcare organizations must provide regular refresher HIPAA training, and be able to prove training was provided.

Healthcare organizations must make their staff fully aware of the negative consequences of HIPAA breaches.

Healthcare organizations must protect their reputations from HIPAA breaches by staff.

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    Features Description
    Annual training developed specifically for healthcare professionals ComplianceJunction has developed HIPAA training content that is designed specifically for the needs of annual refresher training.
    Advice on HIPAA implications for Staff Training explains the importance of HIPAA compliance to staff and the negative consequences of HIPAA breaches.
    Practical advice for staff As well as fully explaining HIPAA regulations, ComplianceJunction training ensures that staff get practical and actionable advice for HIPAA compliance.
    Flexible schedule Full flexibility for with training. Start any time, pause any time, finish any time.
    Fully customisable ComplianceJunction training is fully customisable for each training institution, with all modules offered as optional. We will work with you to build your own curriculum.
    Multiple-choice testing ComplianceJunction also offers optional multi-choice testing for each module.
    Certificates ComplianceJunction offers an optional certificate of completion for each student, with a unique identifier, the student name, and completion date.
    Supervision ComplianceJunction offers visibility for training supervisor for each trainee if required
    Trainee Statistics Training records stored and available to training supervisor
    Cross Platform Works on any browser on both Windows and Mac desktops and also mobile devices such as tablets
    Flexible Licensing Educational institution can be invoiced per trainee, required direct payment by trainee, or annual site licensing
    Modular Approach Separate modules for each topic that consist of video presentations and quiz questions. Both core modules and extra optional modules.
    Regular Updates Optional module contains the latest updates to the HIPAA rules. Module is refreshed every time there is a significant rule change.
    Trusted Solution Used in over 100 universities and 1000 healthcare providers throughout the United States

    Training Course Modules

    HIPAA Timeline

    HIPAA Overview

    HIPAA Definitions & Lexicon

    The HITECH Act

    Main HIPAA Regulatory Rules

    HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule

    HIPAA Privacy Rule Basics

    HIPAA Security Rule Basics

    HIPAA Patient Rights

    HIPAA Disclosure Rules

    Threats to Patient Data

    Computer Safety Rules

    HIPAA Violation Consequences

    Preventing HIPAA Violations

    HIPAA and Social Media

    HIPAA and Emergency Situations

    HIPAA Officer

    Recent HIPAA Updates

    HIPAA Training Summary

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    Fully customize the training for your own requirements.

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