Microsoft Implements Parental Consent on Underage Accounts for GDPR Compliance

As of May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation go into effect in all European Union member states. However, this legislation aimed at protecting the data of all EU citizens anywhere in the world has ramifications for any company or enterprise that does business with or employs any EU citizen.

Microsoft has recently considered how the legislation affects their company. GDPR states that every EU citizen must be provided with a consent form to collect their personal data, process it, use it and store it. Moreover the new regulations state that these individuals must be provided with clear statements about what has been or is being collected and how it is being used. EU citizens have the right to examine their data for accuracy and completeness. They have the right to limit its use and to ask for deletions, changes, or additions.

Companies like Microsoft have under-age clients. This becomes an additional concern. The company has decided to introduce a new parent form which clearly outlines their rights regarding their children’s data.

Protection of personal data is not a new concept or concern for Microsoft. However, the company like many others has had to look at privacy issues and how their present policy melds with GDPR. The company has extensive experience and expertise in personal data privacy. They are anxious to comply with GDPR guidelines and legislation.

Microsoft has considered their present privacy policies and whether these fit GDPR guarantees to EU citizens to have access to their personal data. EU citizens also have the right to correct any errors, erase personal data, object to how and why it is being processed. They have the right to request that their personal data be exported and to whom.

Many of these regulations must be considered as they may result in changes to the way Microsoft receives processes and/or stores personal data of EU citizens.