Retailers Agree on GDPR Approach

The National Retail Federation and EuroCommerce has agreed to collaborate on a unified retail industry approach to the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The retailers will be the major beneficiaries of the collaborative effort which will assist them in preparing their businesses for implementation of the new EU law.

The cooperation between the National Retail Federation and EuroCommerce assures customers that their personal information will be respected. The team aims to ensure that the regulations are implemented in a manner that serves the customers’ interests.

Global approach to implementation

The leaders hope that this transatlantic cooperation will inspire a global approach that works for both the citizens’ privacy concerns and the industry competitiveness. Once the law starts functioning, retailers with storefronts, mobile apps, websites and other digital platforms that offer services to customers will face business difficulties in terms of new compliance standards, violation fines, and strict enforcement penalties. The agreement to work together, therefore, will not only facilitate the development of a common approach to the implementation of GDPR but also help in finding solutions to business problems.

The parties deliberated on several issues that affect the retail industry including data portability, the right to erasure, gaining users’ consent, profiling, and dealing with breaches. GDPR delineates several changes that have significant impacts on the customers’ data processing. Since the regulations are going to change the process of collection and use of personal data, retailers must prepare to understand the online and offline priorities. As most business entities are becoming data-driven, the use of technology is steadily changing the retailer-customer relationship. As a result, retailers must understand the new legal framework.

NRF and EuroCommerce

The agreement between the National Retail Federation (NRF) and EuroCommerce one of the most significant development ahead of GDPR implementation in 2018 as it include some of the biggest trade associations and organizations that cater for millions of retailers. The cooperation presents a golden opportunity for many retailers to prevent business disruption as a result of GDPR non-implementation. NRF, for instance, is the largest retail trade association, and represents discount and department stores, main street merchants, wholesalers, grocers, home goods, specialty stores, internet retailers and chain restaurants. EuroCommerce, on the other hand, is the principal European organization that represents the retail and wholesale sector. It has national associations in 31 countries and over 5 million firms.