WordPress Adds GDPR Compliance

WordPress has recently begun testing of its new platform. The purpose of the new version is to make Word Press tools compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) tools. There is a heavy focus on increasing privacy of users’ data.

In addition to what already exists in Word Press security, there is a Privacy tab. The message tells users that WordPress sites may send data to WordPress.org. This would be used for “plugin and theme updates’. There is a link there for the WordPress privacy policy.

Included also is the ability of users to create a Privacy Page policy on their own WordPress page. WordPress assists individual users by providing a template for individual users’ sites and suggestions to individual users about what to include on this privacy policy pull down menu.

There is also another part of the WordPress site that GDPR has required. Sites must provide an avenue for users of the WordPress sites to request the viewing of their personal data and—where applicable—modification or removal of specific data. They may also request that their data be sent to another site.

Once a request for portability has been received WordPress must provide information about where and how individual requests for their data can occur.

Site administrators can browse WordPress tools regarding such items as ‘Export Personal Data’ or ‘Remove Personal Data’ to discover how to comply with users’ requests for changes, removal, or export of their personal data.

When individual owners make a request, they will receive a notice of ‘Action Confirmed’. They will be told that the site administrator has been told of their request and that their request will be fulfilled as soon as possible. As with other businesses and organizations, the site manager has up to a month to respond.