We are dedicated to making our HIPAA compliance training interesting, interactive and memorable. We don’t do BORING!

ComplianceJunction helps medical practices, hospitals and universities to provide the very best HIPAA compliance training experience to their staff and students, while allowing management to manage progress with a training dashboard.

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Our mission is to disrupt the HIPAA compliance training market by raising the standard and going way beyond the minimum necessary HIPAA training requirements. We work with healthcare organizations that aspire to put patient data privacy and security at the centre of their operations.

When the HIPAA regulation was first introduced in the mid-1990s – the cybersecurity threat landscape looked very different to how it does today. The volume and size of data breaches in the healthcare industry have grown exponentially since that era.

Unfortunately, the same level of creativity has never been applied to the HIPAA training market during that same period.

Before we launched ComplianceJunction, we researched the market to try to find the best HIPAA training provider in the market. Guess what? We couldn’t find any! We found nothing but the same old compliance training content that is just plain BORING!

We’ve also surveyed 1000s of medical practices across the country to ask them what their main challenges are regarding HIPAA compliance. The response that came back from our market surveys was loud and clear. Keeping staff up to date with the right level of training is still a major challenge for many healthcare organizations.

At ComplianceJunction we believe that HIPAA compliance training should be of the highest quality, interactive and memorable. We regularly get great feedback from our customers about the quality of our HIPAA training. So why don’t you see for yourself?

We are also constantly on the lookout for the latest tools and technologies that will take our HIPAA training experience to the next level. We work with some of the leading R&D organisations in the world that focus on eLearning technology advancement.

If you are seeking the best HIPAA training in the market you have come to the right place.

We are an agile and ambitious team that has complementary skills across a variety of domains. (product development, eLearning, web systems design, multimedia, HIPAA, sales and marketing).

What we stand for

Data privacy

We believe that the privacy of one’s personal data is a fundamental right. We are passionate about upholding the highest standards regarding customers’ data privacy.


We strive to build and maintain the very best HIPAA training experience available. We also aim to perfect our learner onboarding processes and customer dashboard functionality.


We move quickly to meet our customer’s needs. If we identify a need via our customer feedback forums, we strive to meet those needs as quickly and as intelligently as possible.


We pride ourselves on taking the time out to think deeply about our customer’s problems. We build the best functionality to solve those problems in the most effective manner.

Our Team

Ryan Coyne

Head of Sales and Marketing

PJ Murray

Head of Operations

Stanislas Duhau

Head of Training Development

Steve Alder

HIPAA Expert

HIPAA Training for Organizations

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