HIPAA Compliance Training

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HIPAA Training Assessment for Organizations

Assess your organization's HIPAA awareness level.

Identify knowledge gaps that may exist in your organization’s HIPAA awareness with our free HIPAA training assessment.

With our HIPAA training assessment, you'll be able to measure the level of HIPAA awareness in your organization quickly and easily. Plus, all results will remain confidential, and only you will have access to them. There is no cost or obligation linked to this assessment.

HIPAA Training for Organizations

Managed and measurable HIPAA training

Customize Training for your Organization

Multi-choice Testing and Staff Certification

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    Your information is never shared.

    HIPAA Training for Organizations

    The full training is $30 per person for an annual subscription. Each module has random multi-choice questions and a certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training. The training can be viewed as many times as required throughout the subscription year. There are unit discounts for organisations with larger staff numbers. Designated managers can have access to the training dashboard.

    Need training for healthcare students? Click here for HIPAA Training for Universities.

    Need HIPAA training for your personal certification? Click here to buy HIPAA Training for Individuals.

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