Accredited HIPAA Compliance Training

  • Comprehensive HIPAA compliance training for all your staff.
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Learner-friendly content that gets your staff fully engaged in the training process.
  • Easy to use training dashboards to track training completions.
  • Staff members earn 2.6 CEUs once training is completed.

Accredited HIPAA Compliance Training

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Compliance Junction has been a wonderful partner in our HIPAA Training Program. The platform's robust features and intuitive interface have streamlined our training process, ensuring that all staff members are well-informed and up-to-date on HIPAA regulations. The customizable options allowed us to tailor the software to our specific needs, resulting in a more efficient and effective compliance program. Overall, I highly recommend Compliance Junction to any organization seeking a professional and comprehensive solution for HIPAA training and compliance.

Samantha Sanders

Business Operations Manager
Wells Family Dental Group

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    HIPAA Awareness

    Training Assessment

    Do you know if your current HIPAA training program is fit for purpose?

    • Completion of training does not mean employees retain their training or are putting their knowledge into practice at your workplace.
    • Risk of non-compliance remains if you can't be certain about the effectiveness of your current HIPAA training program.
    • Measure actual HIPAA awareness quickly and easily to identify gaps in training.
    • Confidential and complimentary - only you will have access to the results and there is no obligation for taking the assessment.
    • Identify staff members that need extra help and gaps in your current HIPAA training program.

    Benefits Of Assessment:


    Understand how well your current HIPAA training program is performing for your organization.


    Find out how well your organization is performing compared to other healthcare organizations.

    Gap Analysis

    Identify knowledge gaps with regard to HIPAA awareness of employees.


    Assessment results can help gain buy-in from senior management for updating training structures.

    "This was definitely a worthwhile exercise! It helped our agency to identify gaps in the training program that we already had in place and helped us to also see which disciplines/roles in the clinic may benefit from more training. The system was fairly easy to use and to access info.  The number of questions felt manageable and I didn't get any feedback from staff that it felt too "hard" or took too long to take. "

    Deena Smith, LCSW, SIFI, Behavioral Health Compliance Manager, Housing Works Community Healthcare

    Simple Three-Step Sign Up Process

    Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This will also let us know how many employees in your organization you want to be part of your assessment process.

    We will be in touch very quickly and then send you the private URL for your organization assessment. You can then share this link with your chosen colleagues.

    Once each of your colleagues complete the assessment you will be able to review the results of the HIPAA awareness assessment in real time via our training dashboard.

    Sign Up For Your Assessment Now

    Fill out this form to take advantage of our HIPAA training assessment and gain valuable insights into your organization’s HIPAA awareness level.

      The Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® has approved this event for up to 2.6 CCB CEUs, based on a 50-minute hour, each. Continuing Education Units are awarded based on individual attendance records.

      This program has been approved for 2.0 continuing education unit(s) (CEUs) for use in fulfilling the continuing education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

      What Our Clients Say About Us

      WBC Counseling

      The value in what ComplianceJunction has brought to WBC Counseling is so far reaching for us. They provide up-to-date, current HIPAA trainings that prove to be a great resource for our staff. The trainings are an excellent source that garners not only a well put together educational means to instruct our staff, but through them, we are able to maintain our company’s compliance requirements with our international accreditation status.

      Tyrone Staples

      Business Operations Manager
      WBC Counseling

      Supera Fulfillment HIPAA Training

      We recently entered into a new market and we were required by our customers to provide comprehensive HIPAA Training to our staff for the first time in order to gain access to this new market. In preparation, we searched for the best HIPAA Training provider to suit our requirements. We decided to go with ComplianceJunction and we are delighted with this decision. It was clearly the right decision for our company. In a few short weeks we went from very little HIPAA awareness amongst our staff to now having a very solid understanding of HIPAA across all of our team members. Thank you ComplianceJunction!

      Rafiqur Khan

      Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager Supera Fulfillment

      As a new medical practice, we needed a HIPAA training solution that was affordable and effective. As we grow and add employees, Compliance Junction courses allow us to access the latest HIPAA-compliant information instantly and to meet our obligations to patients by ensuring our staff is prepared to protect their information. We highly recommend courses provided by ComplianceJunction.

      Deana Flynn, 

      MSN, PMHNP- BC, 
      Fortis Behavioral Health, Lumberton, NC

      Privacy is key to everything that we do at J Flowers Health Institute. We require the highest data privacy standards in our daily operations between our team members and patients. The HIPAA compliance and cyber security training we provide to our teams with ComplianceJunction creates enormous value for our organization.

      Kevin DeLoach

      Chief Operating Officer
      J. Flowers Health Institute

      Supera Fulfillment HIPAA Training

      We approached ComplianceJunction in March 2022. Since then, our entire workforce has been staying ahead with all matters relating to HIPAA compliance thanks to ComplianceJunction training. What we like about their training platform is the ease of generating ad-hoc reports for auditing purposes and also to view training results in real-time. They are also very responsive to any requests that we may have to support our HIPAA training process at the Hospital.

      Debra Miesch

      CEO, Catahoula Parish Hospital Dist. #2

      WBC Counseling

      ComplianceJunction not only has great HIPAA training content, but their customer service is excellent – professional, courteous, and helpful every time!

      Barbara Stone-Carroll, SHRM-SCP

      Vice President of Human Resources

      WBC Counseling

      We are responsible for ensuring that all our students maintain patient privacy. We had been looking for a solution to train students and came upon ComplianceJunction. We have found this to be a very user-friendly platform with a team that is easy to work with. Our students commented that the whole process was easy to follow and complete

      Kristi Taylor RDH, MSEd

      Department Chair/Program Director

      Dental Hygiene Clark College

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      Need to discuss your HIPAA training needs, help with pricing, or would you like to book a demo?

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