Welcome to our HIPAA training assessment!

HIPAA compliance is critical for protecting the privacy and security of sensitive patient information, and we’re here to help you assess your organization’s HIPAA awareness level.

With our HIPAA training assessment, you’ll be able to measure the level of HIPAA awareness in your organization quickly and easily. Plus, all results will remain confidential, and only you will have access to them. There is no cost or obligation linked to this assessment.

The benefits of this assessment to your organization are as follows:

  1. Measurement – understand how well your current HIPAA training program is performing for your organization.
  2. Benchmark – Understand how well your organization is doing in comparison to the best organizations in the healthcare industry.
  3. Gap Analysis – Identify where the knowledge gaps exist in your organization with HIPAA awareness.
  4. Buy-in – This HIPAA training assessment will help you to get buy-in from senior management in your organization to put the right training structures in place if they are required.

This HIPAA compliance training assessment is ideal for a small group of selected employees in your organization, ranging from 10 to 40 employees.

Simple Three-Step Process – 1 – 2 – 3.

It’s a three-step process that’s easy to follow:

Fill out the form below and let us know how many employees in your organization will be part of this assessment.

We will then send you the private URL for your organization assessment. You can then share this link with your chosen colleagues.

Once your colleagues complete the assessment, you’ll be able to review the results in real time via our training dashboard. You’ll be able to see how well your organisation is performing in terms of HIPAA awareness.

Don’t wait to get started!

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