Texas HB 300 Training for Organizations

Take your Texas HB 300 training to the next level in your organization.

Don't cut corners on Texas HB 300 training. Give your staff the level of training that your patients/customers deserve.

This professional training is ideal for full annual training and onboarding of new staff. Multi-choice Testing and Certificate of Completion awarded.

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Texas HB 300 Training for Staff

Managed and measurable Texas HB 300 training for everyone in your organization.

Help your staff understand the importance of Texas HB 300 training and why it is relevant to their lives.

Learner-friendly content that gets your staff fully engaged with the training process.

Easy to use training dashboards that help you to identify when staff members have completed their training.

Quickly identify staff members that require extra help with their HIPAA training.

What's included?

This comprehensive HIPAA training is designed by ComplianceJunction for Healthcare Professionals.

The purpose of this training course is to ensure that covered entities in Texas, such as healthcare providers, insurers, and other organizations that handle protected health information (PHI), comply with the state's privacy and security regulations.

Under Texas HB 300, covered entities must provide training to their employees who handle PHI regularly. This training covers the state's privacy and security laws, as well as the entity's policies and procedures for safeguarding PHI. The goal is to help employees understand their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to protecting PHI, as well as to help prevent breaches of sensitive information.

This course has been designed specifically for front-line staff who work at covered entities, and ComplianceJunction believes that this training approach is unique in the healthcare industry.

The training is required by all covered entities operating in Texas and also covered entities outside of Texas with access to the PHI of Texas citizens. The definition of a covered entity under the regulation is very broad. It includes any entity (individual or organization), employee, agent, or contractor who creates, receives, obtains, maintains, uses, or transmits PHI.

The course assumes knowledge of HIPAA and is designed to provide the additional information required to comply with Texas HB 300.


Keep a close eye on your staff training progress throughout the year.

Our dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of who has completed their HIPAA training, how and when.


Learner-friendly content that helps you to get your staff to buy into the HIPAA training process. Avoid push back from your staff about completing their HIPAA training. See your staff members enjoy the HIPAA training process.


Keep your staff up-to-date on the latest HIPAA regulation changes.

We regularly refresh our HIPAA training content on an annual basis and throughtout the year.

Select the course modules that best fit your organization's training requirements.

Select core and optional modules

Decide your own pass rates

Add your own certificate

Click hereto customise and select modules

Training Case studies


Downloadable case studies that clearly illustrate real-world examples of HIPAA breaches

Theory plus practical

Make it easy for the learner to link this course theory with practical, real-world examples

Learner Friendly

Help the learner to understand and remember what this training means in the real world

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Training Dashboards

Management Reports

Easily issue management reports on HIPAA training for audit reporting purposes.

Learner Analytics

Quickly view the progress analytics of all your learners in your organization.

Training Champions

Quickly identify the HIPAA training champions in your organisation.

Identify learners in your organization that require extra help with their HIPAA training.

We enable management teams to monitor the training progress of their staff throughout the year with a training dashboard.

Course Curriculum

Texas HB 300 for Healthcare Professionals and Students (Only Required in Texas) DURATION
Texas Medical Records Privacy Act and HB 300 16:09 SELECT MODULE
The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, HB 300 and HIPAA
The Definition of Protected Health Information in Texas
The Definition of Covered Entities in Texas
Medical Record Access by Employees
Patient Access to Electronic Health Records
Patient Authorizations for Electronic Disclosures of PHI
Breach Notification Requirements in Texas
Enforcement Authorities and Violation Penalties
What You Need to Remember about HB 300
Certificate of completion


The value in what ComplianceJunction has brought to WBC Counseling is so far reaching for us. They provide up-to-date, current HIPAA trainings that prove to be a great resource for our staff. The trainings are an excellent source that garners not only a well put together educational means to instruct our staff, but through them, we are able to maintain our company's compliance requirements with our international accreditation status.

Tyrone Staples
Business Operations Manager
WBC Counseling

ComplianceJunction not only has great HIPAA training content, but their customer service is excellent – professional, courteous, and helpful every time!

Barbara Stone-Carroll, SHRM-SCP
Vice President of Human Resources
Family of Kidz

Privacy is key to everything that we do at J Flowers Health Institute. We require the highest data privacy standards in our daily operations between our team members and patients. The HIPAA compliance and cyber security training we provide to our teams with ComplianceJunction creates enormous value for our organization.

Kevin DeLoach
Chief Operating Officer
J. Flowers Health Institute

As a new medical practice, we needed a HIPAA training solution that was affordable and effective. As we grow and add employees, Compliance Junction courses allow us to access the latest HIPAA-compliant information instantly and to meet our obligations to patients by ensuring our staff is prepared to protect their information. We highly recommend courses provided by ComplianceJunction.

Deana Flynn,
Fortis Behavioral Health

We approached ComplianceJunction in March 2022. Since then, our entire workforce has been staying ahead with all matters relating to HIPAA compliance thanks to ComplianceJunction training. What we like about their training platform is the ease of generating ad-hoc reports for auditing purposes and also to view training results in real-time. They are also very responsive to any requests that we may have to support our HIPAA training process at the Hospital.

Debra Miesch