Full HIPAA training suitable for onboarding and annual refresher training.

1 – 15 subscriptions $30 per trainee
16 – 30 subscriptions $28 per trainee
31 – 50 subscriptions $26 per trainee
51 – 100 subscriptions $24 per trainee
101 – 250 subscriptions $22 per trainee
251+ subscriptions sales@compliancejunction.com

One Time Transaction. No Card Details Stored.
Confidentiality Guaranteed.

Easy to use dashboards that help to identify which staff members have completed the HIPAA training and when.

HIPAA training for Healthcare organizations that aspire to be leaders in patient data privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Raise the standard of HIPAA training in your organization beyond the minimum training requirements.

Track overall improvements in HIPAA awareness at your organisation year on year.

Help your staff members to understand the importance of HIPAA training and why it is relevant to their lives.

The ComplianceJunction team is dedicated to making your HIPAA compliance training engaging, interactive and memorable. We don’t do BORING!

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