GDPR Compliance Checklist

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Compliancy Group’s software and compliance coach guidance allow you achieve, demonstrate, and maintain your HIPAA and GDPR compliance no matter your organization’s size or level of expertise.

What The Compliancy Group Customers Say

“Compliancy Group walked us step by step through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant. What was once scary and overwhelming became doable with a coach to help us along the way. We love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are here to help us REMAIN compliant into the future.”

Shantel S, Jackson Eye Care

“Unbelievably thorough approach to the minefield of HIPAA regulations that no provider can possibly be adequately aware of. I have been well educated, and now well covered, in just a few weeks. Do yourself this favor.”

Stevin M, West Valley Optometry, Inc

“HIPAA has been an overwhelming and stressing issue for me. The Guard has relieved that. My training coach, was very knowledgeable and walked me through every step and answered all my questions. I now have a better understanding of HIPAA as well as my staff and have the confidence I have been looking for. I would highly recommend The Guard because you have someone working along side you and not just supplying templates to customize to your office.”

Beth S, Skiba Vision Center

“Our office was so far from being HIPAA compliant. The Guard took care of all of our deficiencies. Our consultant was a wealth of knowledge, and no question I asked was ever too dumb. Thanks for helping us out!”

Jennifer B, Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists

“I called The Guard because Torrey Pines Dermatology was audited by a firm for CMS. Our representative has literally walked us through this process. I was very intimidated by the whole process to begin with but now I have full confidence that we could pass any audit!”

Kelley Y, Torrey Pines Dermatology

“I was looking for an informed source that could help me keep track of all the regulations and information that I am being mandated to track. The Compliancy Group (The Guard) was the right choice in helping me weed through the complicated mandates, allowing me to track employee education and create action plans and a guide to follow. They also provided me with an EDUCATED Compliance person to help guide me through the process. It was a “no brainer” and immediate decision for me to make. I believe we all want to be compliant but often the Government just bogs us down with RED TAPE and makes it impossible. The Compliancy Group and The Guard was the answer I was looking for!”

Lorrie, Choctaw Family Medicine & Aesthetics