Head of TigerConnect Explains Slow Pace of Technology Adaptation in Health Sector

by | Jan 16, 2016

The healthcare industry trails well behind every other industry sector when it comes to implementing new technology. It is an acknowledged fact that the sector appears to dear change, even when those alterations stand to significantly improve the lot of patients.

With the advent of Smartphones, tablets, and the Internet of Things, many would be surprised to find out that archaic communication mediums such as pagers and faxes not only still exist, but are widely used throughout the healthcare sector.

In some instances, the new technology now being brought in by healthcare providers was first introduced in other industry sectors some time ago. There are very good reasons why the speed of change is so much slower in the healthcare sector as opposed to others like the financial sector or manufacturing industry.

Itamar Kandel, Chief Strategy Officer of TigerConnect, is familiar with the pedestrian pace of change in the sector. From his experience with healthcare organizations during his time working with VERITAS Software and more recently at TigerConnect, he identified the reasons why adoption of new technology is slow, even when technology can clearly be shown to be safe, secure, and can improve the way that healthcare services are supplied.

You can download the article here.

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Raise the level of HIPAA Awareness in your organization with Learner-Friendly, Comprehensive and Affordable HIPAA Training.

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