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The training is $30 per person for an annual subscription for single purchase transactions. Each module has random multi-choice questions and a certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training. The training can be viewed as many times as required throughout the subscription year.

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HIPAA University Healthcare Student Training Modules

    HIPAA Annual Refresher Training for Healthcare Professionals DURATION
    HIPAA Timeline 5:02
    HIPAA Overview 3:50
    HIPAA Definitions & Lexicon 7:10
    The HITECH Act 2:43
    Main HIPAA Regulatory Rules 2:54
    HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule 2:06
    HIPAA Privacy Rule Basics 2:56
    HIPAA Security Rule Basics 2:39
    HIPAA Patient Rights 3:07
    HIPAA Disclosure Rules 7:18
    Electronic Health Record (EHR) Access by Healthcare Students 3:11
    Threats to Patient Data 5:46
    Computer Safety Rules 2:30
    HIPAA Violation Consequences 6:39
    Preventing HIPAA Violations 7:54
    HIPAA and Social Media 7:52
    HIPPA and Emergency Situations 1:59
    HIPAA Officer 2:05
    PHI and Student Reports and Projects 3:39
    HIPAA Compliance Checklist 3:59
    Recent HIPAA Updates 5:47
    HIPAA Training Summary 3:38
    Texas HB 300 for Healthcare Professionals and Students DURATION
    Texas Medical Records Privacy Act and HB300 16:09 SELECT MODULE
    The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, HB 300 and HIPAA
    The Definition of Protected Health Information in Texas
    The Definition of Covered Entities in Texas
    Medical Record Access by Employees
    Patient Access to Electronic Health Records
    Patient Authorizations for Electronic Disclosures of PHI
    Breach Notification Requirements in Texas
    Enforcement Authorities and Violation Penalties
    What You Need to Remember about HB 300
    Cybersecurity Dangers for Healthcare Employees DURATION
    Cybersecurity Dangers in Healthcare 14:56 SELECT MODULE
    Cybersecurity dangers
    Why is Cybersecurity Important?
    Major Cybersecurity Threats
    Social Engineering
    Business Email Compromise
    Unauthorized Hardware, Software and Apps
    Insider Threats
    How to Protect PHI from Cyber Threats DURATION
    How to Protect PHI from Cyber Threats 16:10 SELECT MODULE
    Protect PHI from Cyber Threats
    Physical Security
    Email Security
    Tips for Identifying
    internet Security
    HTTPS, Truths and Myths
    Public Wi-Fi Networks
    Password Security
    Personal Devices and Removable Media
    Safe and Secure
    File Sharing
    Why HIPAA Compliance is Important DURATION
    Why HIPAA Compliance is Important for Medical Students 9:45 SELECT MODULE

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