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Healthcare staff need to be kept up-to-date on new developments in HIPAA.

Healthcare staff need to be regularly reminded about the importance of HIPAA.

Healthcare staff need to understand the practical examples of HIPAA compliance.

Employees of Healthcare organizations need to buy-in to the importance of HIPAA.

Newly hired staff need proof of HIPAA training.

Healthcare organizations must protect their reputations from HIPAA breaches.

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Training Course Modules

HIPAA Timeline

HIPAA Overview

HIPAA Definitions & Lexicon


Main HIPAA Regulatory Rules

HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule

HIPAA Privacy Rule Basics

HIPAA Security Rule Basics

HIPAA Patient Rights

HIPAA Disclosure Rules

Threats to Patient Data

Computer Safety Rules

HIPAA Violation Consequences

Preventing HIPAA Violations

HIPAA and Social Media

HIPAA and Emergency Situations

HIPAA Officer

Recent HIPAA Updates

HIPAA Training Summary

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The training is $30 per person for an annual subscription. Each module has random multi-choice questions and a certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training. The training can be viewed as many times as required throughout the subscription year.

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