Egnyte Launches One-Click GDPR Compliance Tool

Startup software vendor Egnyte is launching a one-click compliance solution for the GDPR.

This tool aims to reduce the amount of time that companies need to spend on GDPR compliance. Using machine learning features, this one-click compliance solution learns and adapts to quickly identify the most likely areas where GDPR-sensitive information could be situated.

In real-time, the system will locate and list the sensitive content in these threatened areas first It can be adapted to your data whether it is in the cloud or on physical computers. Ultimately, if used correctly it will spot things that could be very costly if there were to be a breach of GDPR.

The tool reviews your data and then produces a list of files and marks them with a risk factor from 1-9 with one being the lowest level of risk and 9 being the highest. You can set up the program to expose whichever files you would like based on your own level of compliance tolerance.

Jeff Sizemore, VP of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte said: “The new GDPR has put a lot of pressure on organizations to be accountable for the data they are managing and challenging them to take responsibility for the safeguarding of this information, which I believe is long overdue. What we have built with Egnyte Protect is a simple, fast, and effective way for organizations to answer that challenge, giving them complete control over the entire data lifecycle – from creation to the retirement of this information.”

The service covers 28 nations and 24 languages and is already configured to comprehend understand what data is considered sensitive in each country by country and language.

Sizemore said: “We already have all the mapping and all the languages sitting underneath these policies. We are literally going into the data and actually scanning through and looking for GDPR-relevant data that’s in the scope of Article 40.”