Using GDPR Fields to Ensure GDPR Compliance

GDPR fields are a way of allowing you to collect, store and track consent from your contacts while recording the name of the field and consent text. Using these fields on your forms will help to make your organisation compliant in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation legislation.

GDPR fields can be included as check boxes on forms that your contacts use to opt-in to your marketing. You can designate what your contact can see on the forms and what is only visible to you. For instance, the name of the GDPR field may only be visible to you, allowing you to identify your GDPR fields simply upon review.

What is a Consent Text Field?

The consent text field is visible to everyone that visits your form. You can use up to 2,000 words in the consent text field to outline how and why you collect and use your contacts’ personal data and also ask for their consent.

You may also use mailto HTML links to include links to your Privacy Policy or and other information for your contacts to review on the form. However, it is important to remember that the HTML code counts toward the 2,000 character limit.

Do GDPR Fields make you GDPR Compliant?

The short answer is no as it depends on how you use them. You need to be GDPR compliant across all of your business in order to use GDPR fields properly.

As with all tools, guidelines and procedures on GDPR simply using them does not make you GDPR compliant. You must ensure that you, or anyone else in your organisation, using the GDPR Forms are doing so in line with GDPR requirements.

Including other GDPR Fields

You can add as many GDPR fields as you would like to your consent form. Under GDPR legislation you must have a consent form for each type of consent you need to gather and track. Once you set up a GDPR field, you may:

  • Insert them on forms and on website pages in order to make them GDPR-compliant.
  • Make necessary amendments should your data collecting process evolve.
  • Implement automated workflows based on your contacts’ consent status. For example, setting up a ‘complete your purchase’ email reminder.
  • Review the summary of what each contact has consented to and when they did so.

It is not possible to:

  • Erase any of the GDPR fields you have published.
  • Import and export GDPR fields when adding or exporting contacts.
  • Duplicate consent. When you duplicate contacts to use them on a different list, the GDPR fields are not duplicated.

GDPR Field Resources

There are a number of useful guides available for how you can use GDPR fields at the following links:

How GDPR Compliance Can Help Your Business Grow

If they are used correctly GDPR Fields will allow you to bolster your cybersecurity and add to the trustworthiness of you brand. Studies have shown that companies who avoid data privacy breaches, and develop a reputation for safe management of private personal data, have experienced an increase in revenue. For example, in 2018 cyberattacks on Wonga and Equifax lead to an increase in costs and rise in customer defections.