New Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Healthcare Organizations

by | Jun 3, 2024

ComplianceJunction has released a new online training course designed to enhance cybersecurity awareness among front-line staff at healthcare organizations. The course complements existing HIPAA training and provides a comprehensive approach to managing and securing patient information.

The new “Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Healthcare Organizations” course was created in response to the growing need for more robust cybersecurity training amongst medical practices of all sizes. With increasing threats to patient data and the critical importance of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of health information, ComplianceJunction identified a gap in the training available that is designed specifically for front-line healthcare workers. This course will fill that gap by providing essential knowledge and practical guidance on cybersecurity best practices.

The online training course includes modules covering various aspects of cybersecurity relevant to healthcare environments. Topics include training on identifying and dealing with malware, ransomware, social engineering, phishing and business email compromise. By focusing on these key areas, the course helps healthcare staff identify potential security threats and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

Commenting on the course, Ciera Lancaster, Executive Assistant and member of a large Virtual Assistant Organization, said, “It was a wonderfully detailed course. I have taken a few in the past. I will say this one not only kept the important information repeated throughout the course to ensure it was embedded in my memory, but it made it easy to remember those key concepts at the end. All in all, a wonderful course, extremely professional and simple”. 

Ryan Coyne of ComplianceJunction commented on the development of the course, stating, “The healthcare sector is increasingly targeted by cyber threats, making it essential for front-line staff to be well-versed in cybersecurity practices. This new training program is designed to provide healthcare workers with the tools to recognize and respond to these threats effectively. When paired with our comprehensive HIPAA training, it offers a complete solution to safeguarding patient data.”

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