Training Dashboard

Easy to use dashboards that help to identify which staff members have completed the HIPAA training and when.

Measure improvements in HIPAA awareness at your organisation before, during and after training.

HIPAA training for Healthcare organizations that aspire to be leaders in patient data privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Get buy-in from senior management by clearly illustrating your organisation’s current level of HIPAA awareness.

Raise the standard of HIPAA training in your organization way beyond the minimum training requirements.

Training Dashboard

A training dashboard to help you easily manage all HIPAA learners across your organisation.

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    Score Distribution

    See the overall quiz score distribution for your entire course.

    Learner Analytics

    Quickly view the progress analytics of your learners.

    Course Analytics

    Quickly view your courses’ overall analytics.

    Auto-Generated Reports

    Schedule auto-generated reports for your HIPAA training course.

    Management Reports

    Quickly and easily issue management reports on HIPAA training for audit reporting purposes.

    Training Champions

    Quickly identify the HIPAA training champions and laggards in your organisation. Easily identify learners in your organization that require extra help with their HIPAA training.

    Certificate Management

    Manage your learners’ certifications.

    Benchmark Examination Scores

    See how well your staff are performing in HIPAA exams. Compare your organization’s results with similar healthcare organizations in your area of activity.


    Easily send notifications to your learners throughout the year to roll out new refresher modules.